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Holiday Wishlist

As we move into the latter part of the 2023-24 season, we are calling on you to help us continue making an impact both on stage and off. 


This season's Holiday Wishlist includes tangible items such as stands and portable stage lights, as well as opportunities to give the gift of music.


Sponsor a musician for a Signature Series concert, or ensure that parents can accompany their young children to our concerts at no cost!

Check out the full list of items below, or click to donate a Wishlist item.

Items Needed / Cost

Give the gift of music!

  • Sponsor a COT musician – $675

  • Underwrite a guest artist's housing – $500

  • Fund a Durham Fellows school visit – $350

  • Provide a school bus & driver to our March children's concert – $200

  • Gift a parent/child concert ticket – $35

Office needs

  • Portable stage light – $440

  • Mini fridge - $100

  • Bulletin board – $70

  • Music stands (3) – $55 ea.

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