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The forgotten talents that brushed shoulders with music’s ultimate genius.

Sunday, January 15 | 3PM
Carolina Theatre of Durham

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The Program


Il Primo Amore


Symphony No. 1


Sinfonia Concertante

What You'll Hear

About This Program

Even if you are not a fan of classical music, or maybe not that familiar with it, chances are you know the name of Mozart and could even recognize a tune of his. A child prodigy that was performing for European monarchs well before the age of 10, his name is now synonymous with genius. But while Mozart’s works continue to withstand the test of time, and are still held up as examples of perfection, many of his extremely (but not equally) talented colleagues have been unjustly left behind. This concert is dedicated to these forgotten musical voices, and Mozart of course.


Similar to Mozart, Marianna Martines also performed for the Viennese Imperial Court as a child, attracting attention “with her beautiful voice and keyboard playing.” Naturally, it helped that her teachers were a certain Joseph Haydn and Nicola Porpora, who just so happened to live in the same building as her family. As seen with her charming cantata Il Primo Amore, Martines' music not only showcases her strengths as a composer, but also as a world class soprano.


While Antonio Casimir Cartellieri didn’t ever come into direct contact with Mozart, having arrived in Vienna just a few years after the great composer’s premature death, he was inevitably very familiar with Mozart’s music. His stormy Symphony No.1 in c minor is a prime example of standard 18th century musical fare, and showcases the incredibly high level of artistry taking place in the European capital at the time.


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