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Purchase the entire Sound Bites series now for only $25!

About Sound Bites

A collaboration between The Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle and the Durham Food Hall, Sound Bites combines the talents of the world-renowned Verona Quartet (The COT's String Quartet-in-Residence) and the hunger-inducing prowess of local chefs from DFH.

Each episode features multiple “bite size” musical performances, as well as visits to the kitchen by the food-loving quartet members to watch our featured chefs preparing their specialty dishes. Viewers also have the opportunity to purchase these dishes for pick-up or delivery via a special Sound Bites menu available online.


Purchase each episode link now, and view it whenever you wish. A single episode is $10, or buy the complete 3 episode series for $25. Proceeds of purchases will be split by The COT and the Durham Food Hall, to ensure our return to live concerts and in-person dining!


The Verona Quartet

Harry 1.jpg

Episode 1

Gumbo, Corn Muffins, and a Little Nightcap

Online Release: April 1, 2021

The Verona Quartet visits the kitchen of Executive Chef Harry Monds at Lula & Sadie's, and enjoys a special cocktail by DFH Beverage Manager Amanda Walters in the Riggs Lounge.

Stephen Verona.png

Episode 2

When Sweet Meets Spicy

Online Release: April 15, 2021

Chef Stephen Kennedy prepares the Verona Quartet some sweet and spicy treats at Afters.

Jen Bagels.png

Episode 3

Not Your Average Bagel

Online Release: May 6, 2021

The Verona Quartet visits Everything Bagels and discovers that not all bagels are created equal!

For more information, email or call (919) 335-6125

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