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Napoleon Wright II

Napoleon Wright II is an animator, illustrator, designer & musician based in Raleigh, NC. He’s also the founder of Pan II Creative, his creative studio, and Becauseus (pronounced because-us), which serves as his creative outlet for the greater good.


Napoleon used his artistic and musical background as inspiration to create the look and feel of the 2022-2023 COT design. “I’ve always felt conductors were artists. The way they interpret the music through movements is the same way a painter moves across a canvas. I tried to imagine what would happen if you put a paint brush in a conductors hand and a canvas in front of them. The result is the look and feel of the COT design. Orchestral music has so much emotion and tells a story through sound. This is what inspired my illustrations that convey each piece.”

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Designing the COT

The COT engages a local, young graphic designer every year to design the orchestra's new concert season. Given little to no prompts other than program titles and musical descriptions, these designers put their own creative twist on how to visualize music and the COT. 

Past Designers

Matt Hunter


Anne Mauser

(2020-21, 2021-22)

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