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Kasia Konopka

Hello, I'm a brand designer, art director, and Art Academy graduate from Poland currently living and working in Durham. I specialize in brand design and over the past decade I have worked for ad agencies in Europe and the U.S. The "why" and the "how" are the essence of my work. I always remain curious and no matter what kind of project I am currently focused on, I always aim to deliver meaningful designs with powerful messaging. I'm a huge fan of color, modern art, and architecture. If I'm not working I am probably building a tree house with my son :)


Much of my art is inspired by my Polish heritage and memories from growing up in Poland just before the Dissolution of the USSR. 

The reality then was quite grey, and I remember always wishing to see more color and vibrancy in my everyday surroundings.  

After finishing art school and starting my design career, I carried this approach into my work. I created intriguing compositions and powerful design solutions while connecting various media. 

What fascinates me is that the creative process is forever fluid and never stops developing. I am yet to find out where it will take me next!

- Kasia

Designing the COT

The COT engages a local, young graphic designer every year to design the orchestra's new concert season. Given little to no prompts other than program titles and musical descriptions, these designers put their own creative twist on how to visualize music and the COT. 

Past Designers

Matt Hunter


Anne Mauser

(2020-21, 2021-22)

Napoleon Wright II


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