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Masters of sentiment

Saturday, November 11 | 7:30PM
Carswell Hall at Meredith College


Sunday, November 12 | 3:00PM
Moeser Auditorium at UNC

The Program


Concerto for Strings in g minor

D. Scarlatti​

Sinfonia No. 7 in C Major


Violin Concerto in B-flat Major


Violin Concerto


Concerto Grosso Op. 5 No. 12, "La Follia"


Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 1 in D Major

About This Program

The Baroque period in music is defined by invention and experimentation, and the setting for most of this action was the Italian peninsula. Working with all sorts of new musical forms, Italian composers developed their own individual styles that commonly revolved around a combination of drama and dance. In essence, they were the romantics before the romantics, or the rockers before there was rock and roll.

Prior to the Sunday, November 12 performance at Moeser Auditorium, there will be a pre-concert lecture on all things Baroque, featuring guest artist Nicholas DiEugenio and The COT's Niccolo Muti. This lecture is presented by Carolina Public Humanities and The COT.


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